Coq au Vin at Le Restaurant de PAUL in Covent Garden, London. Photo: © Giles Christopher – Media Wisdom Photography Ltd

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Le Restaurant de PAUL
29 Bedford Street
London WC2E 9ED
United Kingdom
44 20 7836 3304,


By Scott Harrah

LONDON–One does not expect to find the French classic coq au vin in a French Covent Garden restaurant near all the West End theatres in London, but that’s exactly what we discovered during our visit.

This charming French restaurant is the perfect spot for a quick but delicious pre-theatre dinner before a West End show. Located on Bedford Street, Le Restaurant de PAUL is the flagship location for a popular chain of French pastry shops in the British capital, and the eatery features French culinary classics. It was our first stop in London, after a frantic week spent in roasting hot 100 degree-plus weather in Spain and Portugal. We were greeted by the fabulous, charming and bubbly waitress Alexandra at the door. She was attentive to our every need and made excellent suggestions.

First, we were served a basket of three different varieties of bread, including a delightful multi-grain bread. For our first course, Alexandra recommended the pate foie gras with chutney sauce and mini gherkin pickles and pearl onions. The pate came with warm pumpernickel bread. Alexandra suggested the Malbec Les Escures wine, a bold and rich flavorful red wine and said it would go great with the pate and the main course, coq au vin.

French food experts often say traditional coq au vin is a rooster marinated in wine. I asked Alexandra what type of chickens are used in Le Restaurant de PAUL’s coq qu vin and she said they use the finest free-range chicken. First, she brought out warm plates with a generous serving of mashed potatoes on each. Next, bowls of the coq au vin were served covered in a delicious wine sauce. The chicken was tender and perfectly marinated. Although it was filling, it was also light enough for a hot summer night before catching a show.

For dessert, my dining partner opted for the tarte myrtilles slice, a scrumptious pie of berries with a buttery crust, served with savory vanilla glace boule (ice cream). I chose the scrumptious cappuccino, served with three sinfully sweet, delicious macaroons.

Prices for the pre-theatre three-course gourmand dinner are reasonable at 15 pounds per person, and truly amazing considering that such exquisitely prepared French food can be found in London’s West End at affordable rates.

Whether you are leaving or entering the restaurant, there is a lovely confectionary with all sorts of pastries, tarts and sweet delights to either enjoy at the restaurant or for take away.


Published June 22, 2017

Dined at restaurant on June 20, 2017


Great French wines on display at Le Restaurant de PAUL, London. Photo: Scott Harrah


Cappuccino served with three marvelous macaroons. Photo: Scott Harrah


Le Restaurant de Paul in Covent Garden, London. Photo: © Giles Christopher – Media Wisdom Photography Ltd

A dining area at Le Restaurant de PAUL in Covent Garden, London. © Giles Christopher – Media Wisdom Photography Ltd

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